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Programs & Speaker Presentations

Printed Programs
Wednesday · Thursday

Christopher Coes
"Shaping Housing Options in the Community: How to maintain affordability and accessibility to walkable urban places"
Wednesday · Thursday

Ed Marx
"Housing Needs in Tompkins County"
Wednesday · Thursday

Ryan Lombardi
"Student Housing Master Plan"
Cornell Presentation


Other Resources

Adequate housing is essential to a healthy community. Here you’ll find research, planning documents and tools that support community goals for housing that is affordable, safe, energy efficient, and appealing.

Tompkins County Planning Department

The Tompkins County Planning Department housing page offers in-depth research, data and mapping tools.

Ithaca Housing Market Demand

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance completed a major housing demand study in September, 2016. Read it here.

Cornell Housing Master Plan

As the County's largest employer and landlord, Cornell is central to the local housing discussion. The university's Housing Master Plan project is a critical roadmap to our community's future. Learn about the project and engage in the process here.

White House Development Toolkit

Housing is a national priority administered at a local level. The White House released this Housing Development Toolkit in 2016 to aid localities in achieving housing goals.