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As housing studies were under way by Tompkins County, the Downtown Ithaca Alliance, and Cornell University during the summer of 2016, the Housing Summit Planning Committee formed to begin a community conversation about housing. 

The group’s hope for the Summit is that it will engage a broad audience in an ongoing process, explore the local housing market from all points of view, and offer successful approaches from other communities. The committee believes that if we work together, we can generate creative solutions to our community’s current and future housing needs. 

Tompkins County Legislator Martha Robertson is chair of the Summit Planning Committee and Summit spokesperson. Reach her at (607) 274-5434, [email protected].

Tompkins County Housing Summit
Planning Committee

Martha Armstrong, Tompkins County Area Development
Karen Baer, Tompkins County Office of Human Rights
Nels Bohn, City of Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency
Laura Branca, Training for Change
JR Clairborne, Loaves & Fishes
JoAnn Cornish, City of Ithaca Planning and Economic Development
Sue Cosentini, New Earth Living
Janet Cotraccia, Community Foundation of Tompkins County
Kirby Edmonds, Training for Change
Gary Ferguson, Downtown Ithaca Alliance
Bill Goodman, Town of Ithaca
Rod Howe, The History Center in Tompkins County
Norma Jayne, Ithaca Board of Realtors
Ed Marx, Tompkins County Planning Department
Paul Mazzarella, Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services
Megan McDonald, Tompkins County Planning Department
Martha Robertson, Tompkins County Legislature
Kathy Schlather, Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County
Rob Steuteville, New Urban News
Jennifer Tavares, Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce
Jeremy Thomas, Cornell University
Irene Weiser, Caroline Town Board
Marcia Lynch, Tompkins County Public Information Officer